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We are still accepting application entries. If you have an old application you would like to use for admissions or if you have questions about application admission, please send email to the ECE Admissions Office.

Please DO NOT mail any other paper documents to the ECE Admissions Office such as a resume/CV, publications, financial documents, or certificates as they will not be included in your file for review by the admissions committee. The only hard copy documents that should be mailed to the Admissions Office are official transcripts and GRE, TOEFL or IELTS score reports. If you have publications that you would like the admissions committee to review, please link to them in your online resume. Any additional hard copy material mailed to the ECE Admission Office will be discarded.

Also, please note that the ECE Admissions Office will not accept application material submitted by third party consulting companies. It is expected that each applicant will complete his or her own application. Exceptions to this policy include application material submitted by a fellowship/scholarship organization, World Education Services, or ETS.

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